WARDEN? WACK. | Rainbow Six Siege

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Kol 2019.
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  • "Warden is about teamwork" *Literally has a gadget that only benefits himself*

    • @Tony808R9 Why: because fun af

    • it technically benefits no one... BECAUSE IT'S A PIECE OF SHIT

    • warden aint wack he good u just jealous that he looks cool bruv glaz will get dedz by him u just ying main

    • or ned Flanders

    • bird dratatdsdgs da sdgadga da adsdsga da ta da ta da s da da ta da ta da s da s da sdga da saagassssasssatasssaaagssassaaaaasaasssssssssssssssssssasssssssaasssassssssssssssssssssaassaasasssssassaassssssaaaassssasssaaaaaaaaaatttssttaattttttaaatttttttttta

  • Nostalgia

  • Spencer

  • Guys I'm starting to think that Badgers name is Max...

  • People that skip sponsers dont know badgers real name. Plebs

  • Petition to give warden smoke gernades or flash bangs as a buff or just rework it and make that his passive aka almost immune to flashes and same smoke resistance

  • What console do you play on I'm wondering if I can get to join you one day I am still fairly new and it would be nice if I was in one of your videos

  • Time to always refer to you as Spencer then

  • Warden is a person more appealing in terms of people rather than base mechanics, it seems. He’s a nice fella, who likes teamwork, and seems to be an uncle with dad energy.

  • You look like a Spencer

  • Bruh he literally looks like dwight with glasses

  • He definitely looks like the type of guy who’d invest in google glass.

  • I dont even play siege but these videos are damn entertaining!

  • people who think spencers a good name like

  • At the beginning anybody notice how when he got killed his body went straight to the wall and hit the wall then fell.

  • You lied to me dodo omfg dodogama is best boy

  • Why is the thumbnail Dwight Fairfield

  • Coming back to this video, I realized that hes bad in your terms because you are roaming with him when you are supposed to play him as an anchor. Thats why hes slow and jaeger is fast. Jaeger roams, and Warden anchors making his gadget kind of more helpful since you protect the objective while jaeger roams.

  • What's wrong with being a furry?

  • As someone from louisville, i can confirm the proper native way to say it is luhvuhl, like your choking on tatos, and if you pronounce it lew-ee-ville, we know youre a tourist, and need help around town.

  • when you trying to summon Cthulhu 2:56

  • You don’t sound like Spencer Spencer you sound like a Jackson

  • Thank god my name is spelled Colin and not Collinn

  • He needs a rework

  • Dwight from Dead by Daylight in your thumbnail? Nice.

  • Hi spencer, I remeber you from a long time ago at a resturant

  • Imagine Warden as Galahad from Kingsmen the sercet service with the unbrella

  • On my 3rd match of playing warden I had an amazing opportunity to use my gadget and my gadget saved me from a blackbeard

  • The only reason to pick him is the power of the mustache, AND, the run animations.

  • Ngl, kinda wish his glasses just autoping all enemies in his fov

    • @SkyBeta true

    • That would be dumb OP.

  • Wack

  • I say "you too" without regrets

  • I dont know what your talking abought tower is so dark the visibility the glases provide plus the long industructible hallways were an invittation for them to camp and no im not fixing my spelling

  • What if they let warden be able to move when gadget is in use. But they put a limited time on it and give it a recharge

  • "Spencer"

  • thx SPENCER😂😂😂

  • m c d o u b l e s .

  • Bruh

  • If you search up 'Obama' this video comes up

  • Warden is Lord Tachankas holy disciple

  • FBI agent:SIR HES GOING TO DDOS THE ORPHANAGE! FBI agent2; THEN DO SOMETHINg. Thanks for listen to my shit comment.

  • 18:00 Holy shit that's a slick and sexy pose.

  • By minute 5 I already know he is shit.

  • Legit who names their kid Spencer

  • So...uh... my best friend just show me this video this week, and uh... I’m basically warden, both my name(only one l and one n) and I leave for USMC boot camp in two weeks, which I intend to have a long career in. So yeah

  • S p e n c e r

  • This is exactly what happens every time I tell someone I'm a Warden main. Them: "What? How? He's the worst op-" Me: "Thicc + Boomstick." Them: "Yeah, bu-" Me: "THICC + BOOMSTICK."

  • 9:01 my favorite moment in the whole video

  • 1:01 nobody Savagenatural :I’m wet

  • Hey spencer

  • Hi Spencer. :)

  • why is honey a T-rex and why is warden dwight fairfield

  • Pwease help me I’m dwoning blbbbbbbbblb

  • Bruh I was told he’s like gadgets was exactly like glaz so I tried to see where people were 😂


  • He’s from Louisville which is where I live lol

  • So this has nothing to do with the actual video but as an ad I got an ad for a place called duke Cannon it was Fucking Hilarious, seriously look them up and watch any of there ads, there so bad there funny

  • I literally saw my baby dodogama please make a monster hunter video if you can please

  • Keeping it real with you chief...Wardens not bad, because I started a month ago and won us 2 games on the dpot with him...

  • E

  • Wardens literal gadget is just dumb, its glazs thermal in glasses form

    • @SkyBeta true

    • Except glaz has a thing where all enemies light up in yellow. Wardens glasses don’t even allow you to stand still if you wanna see thru smoke.

  • Warden has the second best shotgun so maybe you should not inly use his ar and smg

  • I love warden bro

  • Real shit though wardens operator vid is one of if not the best

  • honestly that gadget would work better if he could use it while moving. let him toss smoke and raid through it, allow for some interesting tactics and thrown-off timiing that way.

  • “Mistow Obama pwease hewp, I’m dwoning!”THEN PERISH.

  • 1:26 mistow owbawma pwease hewp im dwowning

  • I before E except after c doesn’t make sense it took me 1 year to figure that out

  • I saw that dodogama


  • 1 year later and he is still a piece of shit

  • When people ban warden :/

  • “Fatty without an Acog”

  • But on rankt ther is like no glaz so yeah

  • Give warden the T-5 Give Oryx the mpx Make wardens ability able for him to run while using it Make the ability last longer Then he would be kind of a useful operator No problemo

  • Does badger know that freitag means Friday in German?

  • In 2020 got 3 team whips with warden decided to main him after watching this

  • Jesus christ, your videos are made for 10 yr old siegers. Unsubscribe

  • When I'm older I want to have this game

  • 11:43 *kills himself* understandable have a nice day

  • The mcdouble joke reminded me recently of how I was eating a bacon burger from burger king in a mcdonalds drive through.

  • Warden looks like the conducter from the polar express and you cant tell me otherwise

  • 0:40 that's not a bad operator thats just a bad player

    • @Ivan Garcia He said that the 590 is a really good gun, but he gave the category a F because Smoke and mute have the 590 and they have better gadgets.

    • No, he’s better than you at siege, I know that.

    • As a matter of fact that gun is one of the best according to most players

  • 12:09 "rushing in like a asshole gets you killed ba a castle"

  • "Pls give him a p90" WARDEN MIGT BE GETTING A GODDAMN ALDA5.56

  • When he gets the alda he aint gunna be at da bottom

  • 9:06 look at dat a pos

  • I mean personally I think Warden's gadget is s+ tier, since it lets you press the gadget button and flex the rolly. Nothing is more satisfying than starting the end of round killcam with a F L E X

  • 10:09 why did he sound like scout from tf2

  • 0:57 To this day, this is the funniest virtual death i've witnessed. Thatt "Imma head out" fuze is a cherry on top

  • Now that warden is a 2 speed. He actually gets picked in games. Like no joke I see so many wardens now

  • 1:26

  • SPENCER is beter than "blank"

  • Warden has been buffed, but he's still a waste of an operator to your team because the biggest problem with his gadget is it only benefits him. And yes there are other operators whose gadgets benefit themselves but wardens guns aren't rally good and you can't see through smoke that much still and flash grenades aren't really good.

  • in 2020 warden still trash

  • looks like Ned Flanders from the simpsons

  • Man poor iq

  • I feel like Warden would be better on Attack with the secondary gadgets being between flash bangs and smokes so you could push with your ability after using one of then

  • Is that dwight from dbd in the thumbnail???

  • Badger: this guy is actually the worst operative I've ever seen. That said holy hell is he the best operative ever